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David Burgess, West Central Ga.

Greetings my friend! All the best to you Billy. Love Ya Brother!

tim cason, palo pinto tx

thanks billy for all of your great music , you put them all to shame! happy thanksgiving.

Janice Brandon, Canada

Hi, you used to sing to me.remember me?

Joey Alexander, lexington nc

Love your voice and songs Billy. Glad Malcolm turned me on to your show!

Rob, The Netherlands

Hi, I am a big country fan and have all your cd’s Never heard you live, infortunataly, Hope you record someday another record! Best wishish From Holland

Sherry Chesser , Ft.Worth, TX

I am listening now to one of your Cds, my boyfriend and I danced all night long in a motel parking lot to your music! You played at Theos while I was working there! Would love to hear you in person again !!!

Jr Smith, Tullahoma, Tn

Billy, I accidentally ran across your name on Facebook in Jim Fullers friend list. It's great to see you and love your music. Really enjoy the website.

Don Armstrong, Terre Haute, Indiana

Just listening to "It Always Rains On Me". Fantastic as all of your vocals. Enjoyed speaking to you today. Thanks for your time Billy. Don Armstrong

hattie mae, tennessee,usa


Hannah Rockey, Conway S C

Enjoyed listening to the interview Billy and as always loved listening to your songs:):)

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